Looking forward to fall

In English, the future lies ahead of us. In Aymara, it’s behind us. In Mandarin Chinese, it’s below us…

And here, on Frequency’s blog, the future is on a page, “Fall Classes & Events,” where you’ll find a list of things to look forward to–three new classes (Poetry Off the Page, Preservation Acts, and Improvisatory Poetics) and an open house in September where you’ll be able to meet the instructors and find out about their classes. We hope you’ll find something there to look forward to (or behind, or below…)!

Beginning this Sunday: Commuter Poetics

commutingYour daily commute is a poem; from A to B its form, repetition its music, and mishap its volta. Leave class with the makings of a poem / poems, new ideas about found poetry, and a process for writing poems when ordinarily you’d have neither the time nor the inspiration. A side benefit: you’ll look forward to the trip to and from work! (Or school, or the grocery store, or wherever you travel back and forth.)


Instructor: Adam Golaski
Dates: Sundays for 4 weeks, meeting July 6, 13, 20, 27 from 4-6pm
Location: 186 Carpenter Street
Tuition: $170

Children’s Short Story Workshop June 28

June 28 (Saturday)- Children’s Short Story Workshop. 10:30-1:30. Ages 10-14, $30.

Location: 186 Carpenter Street.

Join us for a writing spree! In this class we’ll brainstorm, learn about the form, and create our own stories to share at the end of the workshop. We’ll also do some fun writing prompts, including a collaborative writing game.

Instructors: Maria Anderson and Katie Brunero

Email frequencyprovidence@gmail.com to reserve your spot!


Ocean State Summer Writing Conference begins Thursday!

oceanstateThe Ocean State Summer Writing Conference beings this Thursday at URI, and there’s a wonderful lineup of speakers and events. Percival Everett, Alison Bechdel, and Charles Bernstein are the keynote speakers, and master classes will be taught by Ayad Akhtar, Steven Burt, and Amity George.

Check here for more information about the events and to register.