Some people celebrate the anniversary of the wedding, but I have always preferred the anniversary of the first date.

And it’s the one-year anniversary of me & Liz driving in my Toyota in the April rain, on the way to our adjuncting jobs, and us saying

Hey… what if…

What if Providence had some kind of place that brought local writers together year-round for readings, classes, talks. Wouldn’t that be great?

Something like a Poet’s House, or a Grub Street, but here, right here. And so we made some ridiculously ugly flyers, and we had the great good luck of enticing some fabulous writers to join us.

Frequency Writers:
We write a lot, but we also try to eat as much as possible too.

And now we’re driving around a year later, and the weather is so much (ominously) warmer, putting up much nicer flyers (made by Emily Robidoux, poet extraordinaire and Frequency’s first intern) (that’s right– we’re getting so fancy we have an intern), and getting ready to start a whole new session of writing classes.

Tonight, it’s The Writer’s Notebook. A few spots are still left and I’m telling you, this is the class you want to take. If you can’t make it tonight, come next week.

Next week, the Open Poetry Workshop starts. We have two spots left.

Then, in May, it’s FFFFFound: Chance as storytelling.

Frequency, you’re even lovelier than when we first met.