[This just in from a Frequency correspondent. Please spread the word.]

Birkensnake 6 seeks fiction submissions for a special issue edited by a pair of strangers.
We’re particularly interested in strangers: detectives, operatives, heretics, jailed dissidents, lone survivors of decimated revolutionary cadres, as well as stories that ask their readers to maintain a real fidelity to a fictional oath. Or none of these; forget about cranking out the aforementioned literary deliverables. Send us stories that are strangers.
We think it only fair to tell you that one of us—I write “one of us” to avoid referring to Hedy by her first name, as if I’d known her—one of us died before this call for submissions was written. So of course we’re also interested in loss, absence, the end of the future, debts of gratitude, and unasked-for and unrepayable gifts (for example, life).
Deadline: June 1, 2013 at http://strangebirkensnake.submittable.com/submit