Join us on Saturday, October 6 for Writing in the Midst of Living, a one-day studio led by Evelyn Hampton. The studio will be modeled on life-drawing classes in which students are given exercises to hone specific techniques, and the instructor is available to guide participants and answer their questions as they work. During the studio, five in-class exercises will lead you through the writing process, from crafting beginnings, dealing with interruptions and stuckness, handling transitions, and writing endings. Time will also be given to discussing your writing and writing process.

Writing in the Midst of Living will be held at Ada Books, where we’ll be surrounded by good books in a relaxed atmosphere conducive to writing. A studio course can be a great way to begin a project, become unstuck, and learn new ways of engaging with the life of language.

This course is offered at a sliding-scale cost, $25-80 depending on your means. Find more information about the course and register here. Just a few spots remain!