Happy Monday. Here’s a list of links:

The exposed revision, the “blank of blank” construction–these are among the 41 “popular moves in contemporary poetry” cataloged by Elisa Gabbert.

(Gabbert’s catalog has since become an essay, which has been collected with other essays on poetics in The Monkey & the Wrench: Essays into Contemporary Poetics.)

There’s still time to apply for a grant from RISCA. April 1 is the deadline.

For her writing about science (and occasionally science fiction) check out Universe, the blog of Claire L. Evans.

In Providence on Tuesday, Carole Maso will read.

“The Average Fourth Grader is a Better Poet Than You (and Me Too)” by Hannah Gamble.

Supposedly, Noah Lukeman’s “How to Write a Great Query Letter” is a source of excellent, free advice on the topic. Visit this page to download the free e-book. (We haven’t read it yet–we drag our heels somewhat when it comes to transforming writing into market success.)