“If it should ever suit your convenience and inclination, to shew me the face of the man or woman who has written so charmingly, it will be a very memorable occasion to me.” -Charles Dickens in a fan letter to George Eliot. From “10 Illuminating Fan Letters from Famous Authors, To Famous Authors“.

“Fail at everything else if you must, but make something.” -author Christine Schutt in a recent interview.


Amelia Gray asked a number of fiction writers to respond to a work of art (above) by Vincent Martinez. The results are here.

“What language does for me, what the project of poetry is for me, is to enliven language. To animate it so that you’re in the presence of something living rather than caught up in words and what they’re supposed to mean and what they’re supposed to do and how they’re supposed to be.” -Megan McShea, “The Accidental Artist“.

Come to AS220 on Tuesday evening for a Couscous reading featuring seven local writers, including Frequency poet Kik Williams!

Frequency co-pilot Evelyn Hampton will host a writing on Friday (3/29) at The Fertile Underground Grocery (1577 Westminster St.) from 6-8:30pm. Mary-Kim Arnold, Mark Baumer, Laura Brown-Lavoie, Tina Cane, Darcie Dennigan, David Emanuel, Wendy Lawton, Casey Llewellyn, Serena Putterman & Kate Schapira will read to grocery shoppers.