Some favorite short stories (by George Saunders, Annie Proulx, Karen Russell, Kelly Link, Vladimir Nabokov, & more) to read online.

Footage of Frank O’Hara — late in his life, including painters he collaborated with, and  his cat.

“Risk keeps a writing project and also the writer vulnerable, open, off-guard, constantly changing, new, intoxicated, deeply immersed, in the midst of great adventure and also a great mystery.  Writing then becomes a window into things otherwise off-limits: ultimate freedom and ultimate possibility.”  Carole Maso, in an interview.

Photography as memory.

“At its core, writing is about cutting beneath every social expectation to get to the voice you have when no one is listening.”              –Voices Inside Their Heads, an essay by Pico Iyer

“Nothing for the magician is accidental / All that could possibly happen to the magical prop is intrinsic to it” -lines from Lyn Hejinian’s poem-essay “Happily,” which she introduces with a short essay here, and which can be downloaded here.


Thanks to a generous donor, Frequency can offer four $50 scholarships for Archaeology of the Actual: a creative nonfiction studio with Mary Cappello on Saturday, April 27th. It promises to be a day of writing. Scholarships will go to the first four who specify on their registration form that they’d like a scholarship.