literary lunchtimes in downtown Prov

Next week, head down to the RISD Museum at lunchtime (12 – 1 pm in the Contemporary Art Gallery) to hear writers read in the series Choose Your Words: Poetry & Prose.

The series is curated by Frequency instructor Kate Schapira.

tumblr_inline_mn2ehoeOGO1qz4rgpOn Aug 14th, Frequency instructor Tina Cane is reading!

Schedule for the rest of the week:

8/13: Serena Putterman
I will be telling stories and so will my puppets.

8/15: Kate Colby
I will read my long poem of cumulative qualifying statements called “I Mean.”

8/16: Andrew Colarusso
Andrew E. Colarusso will be reading from “American Mikhtams”. A series of New World Psalms that explore the intersectionalities of the right to bear arms, the right to wear strap-ons, violence in the classroom, mass exodus and how it is possible to love in the midst of it all.

8/17: Joanna/Joanna: Joanna Howard with Joanna Ruocco
Joanna Howard and Joanna Ruocco will read from our collaborative hybrid text entitled “Field Text.”

8/18: Danielle Vogel
A Library of Light: Poet and book artist Danielle Vogel will project a series of short, incantatory films, which explore the relationship between syntax and topologies of light and sound.

Let us know what you think.

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