A One Question Interview with Darcie Dennigan

It’s Friday already. This week I spoke with Frequency’s own, Darcie Dennigan. 


Darcie, what space does writing inhabit in your life?

It’s sort of like the pool of tears in alice in wonderland. I’m swimming in it, and what a morass– and it’s of my own making (no one told me to try to write)– it engulfs everything, and I guess I am really happy it does.

In an interview in Bookslut, Maggie Nelson was talking about “leaning against” other texts, and letting them inhabit you– she said the phrase “thinking with other minds”– and I guess that’s also a way to describe the space writing inhabits in my life– it makes reading a different, more gluttonous experience, for instance.  I am so happy to have writing because I don’t have to inhabit myself all the time.
Darcie Dennigan is the author of Madame X. She is an instructor at Frequency.

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