A One Question Interview with Mary-Kim Arnold

Hybrid Writing with Mary-Kim Arnold starts on October 15.  So far it seems October is between genres, which gives me the feeling that we better all jump on that boat before it climbs up onto land and blasts off. If you’re wondering how amazing a fall of hybrid writing could be, here is your answer.

Mary-Kim, what does it mean to write between forms/genres?

form is shape of an object
genre is category

was not born into a single genre
hyphenated from the start & of nations themselves divided

of families: not one, but two & now more than that

what is form but that we make it? the flat stones piled up
along the trail to the peak of Mount Sorak
the red brick building of my youth & its paved driveways

what contains us but this body & my mother’s square hands
the mark on my left ear & not one but many & not this but these

the imprint of all we have loved & the childhood friend with whom I collected twigs
& all that has touched us & my daughter twirling in a dress I once wore

all that we have known in the body & in the mind & in the form
of all the objects we have laid our hands upon

all these hands always reaching



Mary-Kim Arnold’s writing has appeared online at Tin House, The Rumpus, HTML Giant, Two Serious Ladies, and elsewhere. She has work forthcoming at The Pinch Journal and burntdistrict. She lives in Pawtucket.

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