Come by 186 Carpenter on February 16th for our first youth writing session. You can arrive at any time, from noon to 1:30.

There will be writing prompts, snacks, and some time near the end (from 1:15-1:30) to discuss any writing questions you might have.

There will be opportunities for pieces you write here to be published on the Frequency blog and elsewhere!

If you wanted to attend the Youth Writing Workshop and were placed on the waitlist, or if you are just learning about these, feel free to stop by. Kids ages 8-15 are welcome to attend.

Suggested donation: $5. Feel free to pass this along to family and friends.
Workshops will take place bimonthly on Sundays. If you’d prefer a weekday, let me know (at frequencyprovidence@gmail.com) which days and times would work, and I’ll set one up!



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Check out the tumblr for two snow day writing prompts: