Horrible Ideas for Writing Great Horror Stories

Without plagiarism (obviously!) in our hearts, we read seeking ideas for our own fictions. A flawed story? Oh joy! Certainly writers of horror stories are ever-reading through the gothic corpus (corpse?) looking for great ideas in flawed fictions. We give Karl Edward Wagner’s short story “Sticks” a close read and see what we can see that Wagner didn’t. Most likely, you’ll walk away with an idea for your own horror classic.

Click here for more info, including where you can find a copy of “Sticks” prior to the workshop.

Instructor: Adam Golaski
Date: Sunday, April 13, 10:30am-2:30pm
Location: 186 Carpenter Street, Providence
Tuition: Sliding Scale, from $25 to $60
Reserve your spot here: https://frequencywriters.org/register/