Article on Frequency in the Brown Daily Herald

Hey, we’re in the BDH! 

Yet the greatest benefit of taking a class at Frequency seems to be the opportunity to learn amongst a diverse group. Schapira explains that Frequency “will bring you into contact with people of all ages. The age thing is the main thing. My students in the class I taught last summer [ranged in age] from about 23-73. And that’s a treat. There’s a lot to mutually learn.” She also finds the groups to be “racially diverse and gender diverse.” She taught a class called “What Presses Most,” about taking your writing to the next level and found that because it was not a genre-based class. “People were there for very different reasons. Some people were there writing fiction, some people were there writing poetry, some people were there trying to write formally, and some people were writing non-fiction, so there was a really wide range of people doing different kinds of work.”

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