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20ce7c986a9dff90d0da6b1f0987dcb2_s7wbThe Poetry Loft is excited to announce that Professor Jane Lunin Perel has selected by Ira Schaeffer of Warwick, RI, for the Editor’s Choice LOFT Chapbook Award.

Professor Perel noted that Summer Drowning “has a deeply lyrical quality with alluring tones and imagery…The chapbook is aesthetically complex and compelling.”
The winning chapbook will be published in Dec/Jan and distributed to bookstores and libraries in RI. Copies will also be available at the chapbook reading in Dec/Jan and at www.thepoetryloft.org

Our congratulations to Mr. Schaeffer for this beautiful collection!

 The Finalists are:
Deborah Barchi —   The Song of Toads
James Celenza —    Complications Due to Unintentional Suicides
Eillen McCluskey —  Symphony in Fade
Sandra Moran —     Thoughts Form a Ladder Woven of Nights
Julia Simpson   —    Lost Children of the Prairie
Bravo to all the finalists!  Finalist chapbooks are also being considered for publication.

Let us know what you think.

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