Under Pressure? Collaborate!

The iconic song “Under Pressure,” sung by the equally iconic Freddy Mercury and David Bowie, was actually created completely on accident. It became Queen’s second number 1 hit on the charts, and is released on numerous “Best of Bowie” collections. David Bowie was originally asked to sing back-up on another Queen track entitled “Cool Cat,” but when the two got into the studio together, they started improvising. Bowie is said to have led the contribution lyrically, while the band came up with the famous baseline and music. They kept the “scat” improvisation and incorporated it into the song, proving how artists can create something wonderful out of nothing when they work together. While these two had already made huge names for themselves as individual artists with unique style, they undoubtedly created magic when they came together and created this song!

Every artist has the capability to make history, and sometimes unexpectedly beautiful things can come from bringing two energies together. Much like Bowie and Queen took improvised warm-ups and worked to make it art, the Frequency Collaborations class led by Sarah and Ren will bring artists together to take individual talent and produce blended masterpieces. Under Pressure

Let us know what you think.

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