Christian Northeast

            Frequency Instructor Victor Wildman has this event, “coming Monday, April 13th, [at 7:00pm] is the free screening of Vanya on 42nd Street, directed by Louis Malle, and starring Wallace shawn and Julianne Moore (in a uniformly magnificent cast) at the Community Church of Providence located at the intersection of Wayland and Lloyd Avenues in Providence.
            This movie came about as a result of a group of actors and director loving the play (Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya) and rehearsing it on their off times between professional commitments, simply for its own sake, never with the intention of performing it before an audience, over a period of six years.
              This film is an attempt, in part, to “document” what they have done.
              And as someone who loves Chekhov but has never seen a theatrical staging of Chekhov that he could love, this is about the best Chekhov you are likely to ever get.
              So come, see the film, and stick around afterwards and we’ll talk.
              All the best,