Dear Friend,

Pirouettes! Clouds of bow-drawn rosin! Jack Nicholson! The Collaborations course has brought new movement, unexpected landscapes, and dizzying characters into my words. Guest artists inspired us and collaborative assignments coaxed us from our cloisters. Under the guidance of Sarah and Ren, we’ve learned that sometimes when we’re stuck, the solution is not to dig in, but to reach out. We’ve learned too that the fear of losing artistic control comes just before the joy collaborative creation.

The students of the Collaborations class invite you to hear some of the work they created for the class on Wednesday, May 6th at 7 PM, at 186 Carpenter Street. We will be joined by our guest artists, Emily Dix Thomas, Vincent Brewer, and Danielle Vogel. There will be snacks. Will you come?

Janaya K.

PS– Thank you to RISCA for making this course possible!