poster june 14th PDF

Symposium Books will host three talented writers on June 14 at 3 pm at their East Greenwich location. Parking is available and refreshments will be served. A little bit on all three writers:

Ira Schaeffer’s chapbook: Summer Drowning is the current recipient of the Editor’s Choice Loft Chapbook Award. In addition, his poem Primavera was a 2014 nomination for the Pushcart Prize.

Bill Carpenter ‘s poem Past Tense has been nominated by for a Pushcart Prize. His new collection of poetry:  Templates: collected poems was published in 2014.

Larry Krips’s book, A Soul’s Way . . . Soulspeak, is available on CD. His poetry has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

Look forward to more events at Symposium throughout the summer!