At the beginning of the year, messages began appearing around downtown Providence: “See me now,” “Lonely as I’ve ever been,” “I love you even when you don’t notice.” Many residents were moved by these messages, which inspired conversations about urban life, the institutionalization of the arts, disconnection and alienation.

A Facebook page and a fundraising campaign have popped up in the past few days to support Devin Costa, the author of the ‘lonely’ graffiti. Thus far, 86 people have donated over $2,000 to the campaign, which aims to cover the $12,500 fine Devin received in court last week. If you can, donate via the link above to support Devin and his work. Additionally, supporters are invited to share their thoughts on his graffiti and their feelings surrounding loneliness in Providence.

A quote taken from the fundraising page: “Providence is a city with a long tradition of art that emanates from un-sanctioned and marginal spaces. It’s a city where art surrounds us and is woven into the literal and figurative landscape. Often, the art that touches us most deeply is that which is the most surprising and raw, that makes us look into the places we try to avoid, both around and within ourselves.”