We are now offering sliding scale payment options for our upcoming studio class, Imagined Audiences. This is a one day workshop with instructor Stephanie Ford. How better to welcome fall than to spend a Saturday writing?

Imagined Audiences

When we write, we might—if we dare—invent and invite a new species of reader. In this workshop, we will play with different modes of address and explore how re-casting our sense of audience/listener/reader might open new paths for our poems. We’ll read works that engage their readers (both real and imagined) in provoking ways, and we’ll consider how one of the deep pleasures of reading poetry is the invitation to listen anew. Please come prepared to try out a variety of “receiver-focused” writing experiments designed to let your poetic voice stretch, sharpen, and shape-shift.

INSTRUCTOR: Stephanie Ford
DATE: Saturday, October 3rd
TIME: 10 am – 2: 30 pm
WHERE: 186 Carpenter Street
Tuition: Sliding scale $25-$60
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