Tonight at 7pm, come down to the Providence Athenaeum to hear Colin Channer read from his new book, Providential. Colin is a fiction writer and poet who Junot Diaz has called “one of the Caribbean Diaspora’s finest writers.”

He’s also a great supporter of Frequency and a terrific reader. Don’t miss it.

from Kik-Kik, Pak-Pak by Colin Channer

The back porch is where
her father used to sit on Sundays
after church to clean his gun.
She would sit on the step below him
in her long skirt and beret
typing what he called her foolishness:
letters to the editor, plays about domestics
and dialectic, poems she imagined
Lennon turning into songs.

One day there was a jamming
in her Smith Corona,
and in trying to fix it
she just made it worse.

read the rest of the full poem at the Harvard Review.