Are you a veteran of a war who writes, or who would like to write? Or do you know one?
In the spring, Frequency is holding a poetry workshop for veterans of war.
Details below. While we’re waiting on a few grants to see how many vets we can accommodate, we are committed to scholarships for this class for any vet who needs one.

A Poetry Workshop for Veterans of War
Tina Cane
10 weeks, April-June (dates TBD
location: School One in Providence (handicapped accessible)

This 10-week poetry workshop is intended for veterans of war. It means to provide a safe and welcoming place for veterans to explore writing poetry. We will discuss genre and form and each week read work by other poets for instruction and inspiration. Every meeting will center around a piece of writing to contemplate–either by a workshop participant or by an established or published poet–which we will use as a springboard for writing original work on-site. We will also engage in peer discussion of each other’s work, as well as exercises that push and disrupt the draft process such as: erasure and cut-ups.
Contact us at for more information.