Back in 2011, Darcie Dennigan and Liz Howort saw a need in Providence for a place where writers could come together to learn and support one another. Darcie and Liz founded Frequency, and the rest is history. We have built this community together these last years, but none of it would have been possible without Darcie, her vision, and her tireless generosity. Darcie wishes to share with you the following words. 

To my dear Frequency Community,

This is my last week as director of Frequency Writers. It’s time for me to  let go of the reins of my beloved community, one that each of you has helped to create.

Since 2011, the writers of Frequency, and the courses and events we have made together, have been a huge part of my life in RI. I see the Frequency typewriter icon when I close my eyes at night. My kids have grown up knowing that the phrase “open mic” means chips & salsa and cheering & clapping for brave writers. As a founder, director, instructor, and student of Frequency, I’ve had the joy of learning from people of all ages and backgrounds how writing and reading can shape a life. The loneliness of writing has been transformed by the possibilities this writing community has offered me.

And now, as I step aside to let my brilliant co-director Sarah Tourjee, our fantastic board of directors, and all of you continue with the ongoing project that is Frequency, I do so with joy and gratitude.

See you at an event soon!


Darcie Dennigan