Don’t miss this special opportunity to remix and reanimate your words with writer, performer, and educator Franny Choi. Lost and Found Poetics is a one day studio offered on Saturday, February 27. There are still a few spaces open, so sign up today at the link below.


Lost and Found Poetics

No language is precious! No language is unworthy! This one day course will engage with cutting and sampling, using texts around and within us as our sources. In “Lost,” we will play with erasure, distillation, and remixing, cutting away at text until we get to the pit in the center (or lose meaning altogether). In “Found,” we will mine source materials to create new, strange combinations of language. If you hate cutting down your poems or feel stuck using the same three images all the time, this workshop is for you!

DATE: Saturday, Feb 27
TIME: 10am-2pm
WHERE: 186 Carpenter Street
Sliding scale $25-$60