This spring and summer, Victor Wildman is teaching a number of exiting new classes. victorSome of these are through Frequency, and some are his own projects. Either way, they’re all sure to be excellent. Take a look at what he has coming up. And don’t forget to check out the rest of Frequency’s exciting summer courses.

Frequency classes with Victor

Beginning in May and June, Victor Wildman will teach two Frequency classes focused solely on reading different books and authors through the lens of a writer. Beginning May, Victor will teach Reading Carpenter’s Gothic by William Gaddis. Then in June, Reading Susan Howe will begin. Register today for one, or both, of these courses. You’ll have the opportunity to delve deeply into some great works of writing, and do so with the support of a group.


Other classes with Victor

But wait, there’s more. Victor is also teaching some additional classes at the Community Church of Providence. Here are the course descriptions.

The next iteration of READING FOR WRITING begins on Monday April 25th at the Community Church of Providence. It will run for six weeks and conclude on May 30thWe will be reading William Gaddis’s JR – his great tragic-comedic book, and formally, it is the purest expression of his style. To read it is to enter another world (there are no chapters, there are no breaks, and to the first time reader, it appears, there is no narrator) and then look up from the page and realize that it is in fact our own. We will read this 726 page book told almost exclusively through unattributed dialogue and everyone will keep a reading journal that one person will be asked to share a passage from each week. There is so much about writing to be learned from this book – and the way he makes the time (it feels like real time) pass as we read . . .

The cost is $250 payable by check on the first day.
By popular demand the next iteration of the ADVANCED will run 12 weeks – this will make it easier for people to work towards completion, or greater (uninterrupted) exploration of their long term projects; however, for those of you who would prefer the usual 6 weeks, it will also be divided into two parts, making it possible for people to take the full 12 weeks, or to opt for just the first or the second six weeks alone.

Here’s the breakdown:
12 WEEK ADVANCED will run from Thursday April 28th through Thursday July 14th
ADVANCED (PART A) will run from Thursday April 28th through Thursday June 2nd
ADVANCED (PART B) will run from Thursday June 9th through Thursday July 14th
As usual, we meet at 6:30pm at the Community Church of Providence in the parlor room. The price for the full 12 week ADVANCED is $500. The price for either PART A or B alone is $250, payable via a check made out to Victor Wildman on the first day of class.