Dear Friends,

“Many hands make light work” is not an expression you’d ever apply to your writing rvd-photopractice, right?  There you sit at your desk or in a coffee shop, or in your car on your too-short lunch break.  Your hands hold the pen, open the notebook, and write the first draft.  Your hands fiddle with the re-write, type the piece up. Your hands select ‘save’ or ‘print,’ and if the piece ever goes out the door to a journal, you are the one sealing the envelope or logging in to Submittable.

Is the magic of Frequency Writers, then, in that little s at the end of writer? Frequency is made of many and is held by many.  Many hands and brains and hearts make the work of Frequency light—you have taken a Frequency course or two (or four or seven), or attended a reading, and carried away some fresh drafts, or a thought to ponder.  Perhaps you have come to sit in silence with your notebook or laptop on a Sunday morning at Carpenter Street, needing the neutral space to find your way into something hard.  In this way, perhaps Frequency has been with you in the struggles and triumphs of your writing practice, and perhaps that practice has become, momentarily, more buoyant for the community of which you are a part.

Today, in the spirit of many hands making light work, we are asking everyone in our community to contribute $10.

Ten dollars from each member of the Frequency community today means continued financial aid for students, workshops for all, and a place to write, learn, and connect.

Thank you,

Rosalynde Vas Dias
Frequency Board of Directors, Teacher, Student, and Volunteer

Your tax-deductible donation, big or small, will help us in our mission to connect writers to a supportive community, create a space for writers to experiment with their art that is outside of the marketplace, and offer readings and events that enrich the culture of our region.

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