In the spirit of “many hands,” we asked some Frequency teachers, students, and friends to tell us what Frequency means to them. Wow. What can we say except THANK YOU! And of course, the sentiment is mutual.

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Last night I had this series of moments when I wanted to send an email to a handful of Frequency participants and let them know that if I didn’t know that they were out there, and if I hadn’t experienced their involvement with my work and my own involvement with their work , I honestly think that I would be quite discouraged right now. Knowing that Frequency, as a vehicle, is up and moving writers nearer and nearer to writing is a balm and a buoy that keeps my heart floating near to the surface of writing, whether I believe I am actively writing or not.      –Joanne Hart

Having just moved to Providence, Frequency was one of the first literary organizations I heard about and I’m so pleased to have connected with such a vital, serious, community-oriented group of readers and writers. The workshop I taught on the potential of radical form was well-attended by everyone from published authors and graduate students to locals who were just curious about poetry. That range of topics and the inclusivity that Frequency offers (such as a sliding scale for those who might not be able to afford the course fees) is remarkable and I’m so thrilled to play a small part in helping disseminate a love of literature in Providence.     -Ravi Shankar

Frequency is an amazing resource for local writers! The scholarship I received enabled me to take a thought-provoking and super generative class at a time when I wouldn’t have been able to afford it.  I was lucky to learn from other artists of various mediums, as well as the experienced and bad-ass instructor, Sarah! Frequency is a vital part of our community that needs be supported for years to come!      -Nada Samih-Rotondo

For me Frequency began first with a workshop with Darcie, then a workshop with Liz.  Both are  wonderful teachers who always found something positive to say about my writing. Since that beginning, I’ve taken almost every poetry workshop that I could with Frequency’s terrific and talented workshop leaders and participants.  I always felt welcomed and I produced far more writing than I ever would have done alone.       -Mike

Without Frequency, I would know maybe 1 1/2 people in Providence. What Frequency has meant to me is friends, friends who play with my kids or meet up for coffee, but friends who, while we talk about other things and do other things, know me always on some level as a writer too– which is the way I had always longed to be known. I grew up in RI, left for 15 years, came back, became part of Frequency, and finally was home.      -Darcie Dennigan

Oh wow…where to start?  Well, Frequency changed my life, starting with my first poetry class starring Darcie Dennigan, one of two women who founded Frequency. I had never really written a poem before and since that first class, I have taken over 25+ more Frequency workshops. I have published some of my poems and even got nominated for the Pushcart Prize (I had no idea what that was and wondered how they could nominate me without permission). I have won a couple of writing contests and I’ve just finished my first really “finished” manuscript. No, it hasn’t been published….yet! None of that compares to best the friendships I’ve made, the new community I’m in and the love given and taken. Frequency has filled this amazing gap I didn’t know I had. My life has become much fuller in the most beautiful way. Thank you Frequency and all your terrific teachers.     Kik

My first reading in Providence was through Frequency. I found another home. Writers need belonging. Frequency is one of this city’s gifts.     –Colin Channer

Frequency has been instrumental in a rebirth of my poet spirit. The community feeds me season upon season with its thoughtful scholar-poet teachers and omnivorous participants and fellow poet readership.    –Stephen Young

Frequency Writers has established itself as a community fixture and literary necessity 

in the Rhode Island arts scene. Whether leading a workshop or taking a workshop, 

I am always the richer for having taken part.     –Tina Cane

Frequency, and its brilliant, compassionate people, helped me discover how much I love community education, and how strongly I feel that it should be available to everyone. I discovered my love not just of writing, but also of writers, and my belief that everyone should do it; writing and art-making with others is a vital part of healthy communities. I believe this because being part of the Frequency community has made my life better, no question.                –S. Tourjee

As a kid, I’d oscillate between wanting to be “When I grow up… a writer… or… a popcorn salesman!” When I found out that the popcorn perks were all in my imagination, I became dead set on writing. In all seriousness, I’ve always felt sure of my will to write and, at the same time, an imposter.  It’s a struggle to produce work that feels significant and to find feedback for improving… Then, last year, I moved to Providence for a job writing yet still sensed the void of not exploring my creative voice.

Whatever I was searching for, Frequency has provided and surpassed. Often, the best things are the most simple and doable. Like joining people to share, investigate, grow…. There’s nothing quite like writing out loud.

MacKenzie Abernethy



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