Victor Wildman will teach a READING for WRITING course (READING LATE JAMES: THE WINGS OF THE DOVE) from October 20th through December 1st (note: there will be no class on Thursday November 24th, for obvious reasons) and it will meet from 6:30pm to 9:00pm at the Community Church of Providence at 372 Wayland Avenue Providence RI 02906.  

Note from Victor: This will provide a chance to take a break from one’s own projects and to get lost in the lushly peculiar textual world of this late James novel; in the end, I think, this course will present one with a different way of thinking about one’s own approach to writing (everyone who signs up will be required to keep a reading notebook and to creatively respond to the readings throughout the course).

Cost: $250 payable with a check made out to Victor Wildman on the first day of class.

**Please note this course is not being run through Frequency. Contact for more info.