As our mission states, Frequency Writers is a moving creation of the people in it. We believe art-making to be a vital part of healthy communities. We know that education and writing is always enriched when our identities can be shared and celebrated in safety and respect.

We are committed to making our classes accessible, welcoming, and safe for anyone who wishes to take one. To us, this means that we value the ever-expanding identities of our writers, including those who are women, POC, LGBTQ, immigrants, veterans, disabled, neurodivergent, gender-nonconforming, and writers of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds. We believe in educating ourselves, challenging ourselves, questioning our assumptions, listening, and working to cultivate learning spaces that do the same.

Particularly now, the need and impact of intentionally safe spaces extends beyond the work being done within a specific organization. It is our hope that those attending a Frequency class or event will take the support that they have felt, and helped to create, into other aspects of their lives when they leave. This is work that each person contributes to, benefits from, and takes with them, and therefore impacts the community at large.

We invite a dialogue about what we can do to make our offerings welcoming for everyone. At the end of each course, we will ask students to assess their experience and comment on whether we have succeeded in putting our policy into action. In addition, anyone is welcome to contact us via our website with any concerns or suggestions; we will respond promptly.