April is National Poetry Month! It’s also a time when the future of arts funding is uncertain in the United States. Rest assured the arts will continue, artists will be impassioned as they always have, organizations like Frequency will, with determination, continue to bring creativity to our communities. BUT we need your support! This April, national poetry month, make a donation to Frequency in any amount. Here’s what your contribution can make possible:

  • $250 will give someone a full need-based scholarship for one of our six week classes (we also give partial scholarships starting at $50).
  • $125 will give tuition support to our new Creative Writing ESOL class
  • $75 will give tuition support for a teenage writer in our annual youth class
  • $50 will help us print a dozen copies of our new anthology, City & Sea
  • $25 will give food and beverages for a Frequency open house
Thank you for supporting Frequency!

Donations can also be made by check, payable to:
Frequency Writers
186 Carpenter Street
Providence RI 02903

Your tax-deductible donation, big or small, will help us in our mission to connect writers to a supportive community, create a space for writers to experiment with their art that is outside of the marketplace, and offer readings and events that enrich the culture of our region. The “donate” button will direct you to our PayPal site.