We look forward to hearing your individual and collective voice as we gather writing for the 2018 Frequency anthology. Last year’s anthology City & Sea and book release party explored urban and oceanic ecosystems.

This year’s work will examine the role of the writer in the community and the many possibilities:

Observer.  Recorder. Witness. Historian.  Storyteller.  Activist.  Prophet.

How do these roles manifest in our creative writing?  What pressures does responsibility to our communities enact on our work?  What is our purpose on the page, in the world?

We are looking for your stories and poems of social justice warriors, hermits, helpers, and troublemakers, work where protagonists engage with their community and succeed or fail to make a difference, to right a wrong, writing where things get messy and get fixed. Or don’t.

Be part of the movement! Frequency anthologies bring people together to share and listen to our words, their impact, and shared potential.

Submit your writing to frequencyprovidence@gmail.com by March 15th.
Prose submissions should not exceed 5 double spaced pages.
Poets may submit up to three poems.

Explore our previously published anthologies for more ideas.