Join us for the gallery exhibit opening Frequency Writers: Making Writing/ Writing Art.

January 13 from 5-8pm, with a reading from 7-8pm, at AS220’s Resident Gallery at the Merc: 131 Washington St. Providence, RI.


26170906_10159773031305223_4303355666419270722_oThis is an extension of Victor Wildman’s  past Frequency workshop also entitled Making Writing/ Writing Art. Artist Alyssa Coffman, a student in Wildman’s class, is curating the exhibit.

After returning to Providence from out of town, Coffman stated,

“I bumped into a poster for a Frequency Writing course titled: Making Writing/Writing Art. I felt strongly I was supposed to take the class, and was blessed with a partial scholarship that made it possible.

It was an incredibly stimulating class that confirmed my eagerness to share my writing as an equal counterpart with my visual art.”

The class was aimed at creating pieces of writing that was analogous to how artists – in a different number of media – construct their art. Students were asked to incorporate their art making process into their own ways of writing. Coffman says:

“I’m very excited to see these two disciplines exist in the same space. Come and enjoy the artwork and writing of talented visual artists with powerful writing voices!”