Join us this Sunday for another dreamy morning.

Sunday, April 15, 2018, 10:30AM, Ada Books
717 Westminster Street
with Antonio Forte
$5-10 suggested donation
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Antonio Forte is a composer, musician, and educator from Providence, RI. He studied both music and fine art nationally and internationally. As a sound artist Antonio explores improvisatory processes which document ones relationship to changes in temporality and spatiality. He enjoys sounds and things that create sounds. https://www.antonioforte.org/

IMG_6390“I am quite intent on seeking out new or obscure sounds, or ways of creating sounds, and treat them as if they are commonplace or traditional. Inversely, to observe everyday sounds and treat them as magnificent wonders of the universe. By these physical and aesthetic means the (imaginary) line between mundane and arcane is blurred.

Tearing paper becomes a symphony orchestra becomes a microwave oven becomes an exotic bird song becomes a bus engine. What enamors me the most as an artist are the instances in time and space wherein a boundary becomes a stepping stone; when preconceived limitations facilitate movement, these are the moments I thirst for, thrive in, and prefer to inhabit.”

Writing Sounds Lounge is a drop-in event that invites attendees to write while listening. Guest musicians from the Providence community will perform while attendees are invited (but certainly not required) to write to specified prompts related to sound and listening. No writing experience required; you will not be asked to share your work. Bring some coffee and a notebook and sit among the books on Sunday morning.