This season, Frequency is pleased to offer classes focused on nature, flash fiction, two youth classes including one online, and more!

Tuesdays 5/10: Urban Wildlife: Writing to Co-Exist

Tuesdays 5/8-5/29: Magical Realism

Sundays 6/3-6/24: Sudden Address

Thursdays 6/7-7/12: Preservation Acts

Tuesdays 7/17-8/7: Flash Fiction

Saturday 9/15: Nature Writing

SUMMER YOUTH CLASSES – grades 9 to 12
7/9-7/30: Creative Cartography YOUTH

7/14-8/4: Facing Our Fears: Monsters, Myths & Fairy Tales YOUTH, ONLINE

Click the links above for full course information and registration.

We also offer gift certificates and scholarship opportunities!

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