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The Writer

I started writing poems the year I turned sixty. Since taking my first class at Frequency, everything changed.

I didn’t read until I was in my teens, with ADD and dyslexia, so, intellectually, I didn’t have much “school” confidence. If you know me, I’m sure you find this hard to believe. (I have tons now.)

I try to write daily….  think that part of my writing process is taking classes. Sometimes I use a technique that my Frequency teacher, Nick Rattner, taught us: start with “Today I have nothing to write….” Go from there. It works for me!

If I’m not writing poems, my goal is to edit old poems and to submit [for publication]…. I have tons of rejections but also personal responses saying things like, “your poem sat with us a long time, we really liked it, but in the end have chosen not to publish it.”

This past year I started to apply to residencies and workshops. Last October I spent a month in France in a residency with nine artists who have become life long friends. In December, I was supposed to go to Kenya for a residency, but there were political troubles and the residency was canceled. This summer I’m going to Sarah Lawrence College for a weeklong workshop. All three have given me stipends.

These opportunities would not have presented themselves without my Frequency background. I’ve taken over twenty-five classes with Frequency and never left a class feeling unsatisfied….

I encourage anyone to take a Frequency class…. Everyone is welcome, from the non-writer, to those with published books. (fingers crossed I get one someday!)

The Writing

I love getting in the zone, getting totally lost, without even thinking just writing a poem. Those are usually the best. I wrote one called “Kiss Men in Their 70’s and in Their 30’s” on a napkin, while I was waiting for my dinner in a Mexican restaurant. I am often creating poems in my head; I see something and the poem begins. I never remember them. Oh the lost poems in my head!

Kiss Men in Their 70’s & in Their 30’s

to feel love to know love
to touch my toes in love
feel my teeth in love
pull my hair in love
polish my nails in love
walk down the stairs in love
get a new hip in love
slick up my lips in love
let my boyfriend love me in love
perfume my breasts in love
pap my pussy in love
meditate in my chair in love
boy friend moves in in love
smell my pit hairs in love
scrub my dry skin in love
walk on my tippy toes in love
blink my eye lids in love
pucker my lips in love
look in his eyes in love
lust in love
drink margaritas in love
play with dogs in love
pick up chickens in love
let Lettie move to LA in love
drive the highway in love
sing along to the radio in love
buy a dress in love
snuggle in a blanket in love
go in the hot tub in love
talk on the phone in love
look on the net for love in love
wear a crazy hat in love
snowshoe in love
walk an icy path to the chickens in love
wear hearing aids in love
charge up the bitch in love
hug often in love
blab with friends in love
buy stuff in love
get in the pool in love
listen to music in love
write poems in love
divorce in love
eat Indian food in love
have a boyfriend move out in love
pee outside in love
plant a garden in love
hold the grandbabies in love
love the grandbabies in love
kiss in public in love
wash my hair in the tub in love
swim laps in love
imagine the water is your hands in love

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