Thank you all who joined Frequency Writers at this past weekend’s PVD Fest extravaganza.

We enjoyed typewriting Poetry on Demand, and received such a growing list of poem requests that we will be wrapping up and sending out the poems yet to be collected. So good to know that many people appreciate and cherish the poems and possible poems in their day to day!

Special thanks to our volunteer writers, and those able to make donation-contributions. We loved featuring on-the-spot poetry by local writers:

MacKenzie Abernethy
Al Anderson
Jessica Kowal
Ehlayna Napolitano
Nate Vaccaro
Oliver Strand
Patrick Riedy
Rekha Rosha
Nate Vaccaroa
Rosalynde Vas Dias

If unable to attend but interested in contributing to Frequency, please visit our Support page, and learn about upcoming Writing Workshop on the Current Courses offerings page. Thank you all!