Good writing has many elements, including vibrant characters, strong voice, and a moving rhythm both on its own and in tandem with others.

For over 8 years, Frequency Writers has been shaping our individual and collective voice, expanding our outreach, our wavelength, by contributing to the voices of many artists and writers through the offer of accessible, affordable, and unique classes that seek to empower writers of all levels and all backgrounds.

Frequency is nearly entirely volunteer-run, and your tuition goes to support our very talented instructors. We would like to offer even more:

  • We strive to increase scholarships
  • Grow our dedicated staff with compensation
  • Create more opportunities to conference, learn, publish, and connect with writers and artists across Rhode Island and New England.
In short, we intend to raise our frequency. Your contribution of any kind helps!
Today, we launch our first ever digital fundraising campaign:
Our goal is to raise $500 in 2 weeks, beginning today.
The equivalent of 50 people choosing to donate $10 each. We can do it!

Frequency is thankful for your support!

Karen Haskell
Operations Director