2018 giving tuesday

Dear Frequency Family,

I’ve been writing poetry for almost 30 years of my life.  Like most of the writers I wrote poorly for a while, getting better by increments, learning with the help of patient teachers, a lot of reading, and a good bit of trial and error as well.  It has been my incredible good fortune to have been involved with Frequency for the last 4 and half years. And it occurs to me that the long work I have done as a poet is similar to the work of keeping a delicate and beautiful organization like Frequency going—by which I mean so much of the work we devote ourselves to is invisible—the hours spent turning a vision in a reality, a draft into a final piece and hopefully a published piece, a read piece.

Like one’s writing life, shepherding a small non-profit through its stages of growth is fraught with self-doubt and every small success brings a sigh of relief, a glow of pride.  Frequency was founded by writers and teachers who knew first-hand the drive to share the visible part of one’s writing life with a greater community and that is what drives us still.  Frequency is still very much run by writers with day jobs and we know the almost measureless value of the time you give yourself as a writer to be with your community, to draft side by side with fellow writers, to receive from instructors, and to give as well, to share your work via a table read, an open mike, or publication in Frequency’s anthologies.

Your donation to Frequency today supports both the visible and invisible nature of the work we do—the glamorous and glorious side such as paying our truly beloved instructors and the mundane: rent and insurance payments.  Most importantly though, your gift opens the door to writers like you who wish to take a class and be visible. For writers who wish to be both seen and heard, and need some extra help to do that.  Profoundly and even radically, Frequency wants to honor the invisible and visible lives of writers in our community.  Please help us do just that today.

Rosalynde Vas Dias
Artistic Director