This New Year’s we will start at the beginning: The origin.

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In this one day studio course we will take a look at the origins of space-time, the Earth’s geographical/topographical history alongside etymology (the origin of words) to generate new work or add to works already in progress. Appropriate for all genres, interests and levels of writing comfort!

Instructor: Nada Samih
When: Sunday January 27th
Time: 10:00 am to 2:00pm
Where: What Cheer Writers Club,
160 Westminster St, Providence, RI 02903
Tuition: $65

Read about Nada’s experience of starting out as a student of Frequency Writers workshop, or hear what she has to say about this class in the video below:


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bio 2018Nada Samih-Rotondo is a writer, teacher, and mother who is inspired by the relationship between personhood and place. Born in Kuwait to Palestinian parents, she immigrated to the United States at the age of six to Rhode Island as a refugee of the Gulf War. She has taught creative writing, literacy, and English as a second language to low income students in communities of color in grades 7-12 and through college. She holds an MFA from Lesley University in Fiction and loves creating from the intersection of all genres. She is interested in the slippery concepts of home, intergenerational trauma, and folklore. Her writing has been featured in the Masters Review, Squat Birth Journal and the Frequency Anthology. Nada can be followed on her blog: