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I am a first-generation, Indian American immigrant and this subjectivity is vital to all my work. In my poetry, I strive to name and interrupt the ongoing erasure of language, history, and memory that can occur during assimilation. I use poetry as a means to develop an Asian American political consciousness.
Who are you when you aren’t writing?
When I am not writing, I am doing clinical psychology research, and I am passionate about increasing access to mental health treatments in diverse communities.


The Writing Community

I took the open poetry workshop with Erica Mena last winter! I hope to take more classes this spring.
What stuck with you, and why?
Erica’s class was a wonderful experience. It was the perfect balance of flexible yet structured…always pushed students to consider how power and identity are at play in writing–and I was so grateful for this! We were challenged to read and think about some truly meaningful texts, and provided with some thought provoking, process-oriented writing prompts. I have a full time job and when I didn’t have time to produce new work, I was still encouraged to share existing writing with the class for workshop. 
How has being part of a writing community impacted your writing practice?
Being a part of the Frequency writing community allowed me to envision a new way in which poetry could continue to be a part of my life, even after leaving school.
As a newcomer to Providence, it also helped me make connections with other folks in the area who share similar interests.
Who would you invite to join Frequency Writers?

I really recommend Frequency for folks who might have a lot going on, but still want to refocus on their craft in some way. Folks who are new to writing or coming back to it after years–there is room for everyone!

I especially encourage other folks of color and queer folks to join the classes.


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