Feedback from students

We’re so grateful to the writers who are helping Frequency become a real community. Thanks, guys, for these kind words!

On our studios:

“The exercises we did in class were actually very challenging…difficult. And it’s nice to be able to push oneself in that way.” -A Workshop in Spoken Text participant

“Opened up new channels in my writing.” -Poetry & the Sacred studio participant

“From my perspective, the whole session provided a surprisingly fecund environment for writing.” -Poetry & the Sacred studio participant


On our workshops:

“It was a great course.  The only problem was that it didn’t last long enough.  I could have kept going indefinitely with the teachers and students. Being one of the older students, the currency of the teachers was a huge plus. Clearly the hard work put into the class by them paid off.  I liked how the exercises built on each other, so the planning of projects from start to finish was exciting. The other students, mostly younger, were wonderful to interact with. Everybody was so talented. A positive and constructive atmosphere was expertly maintained.  Thanks to the two Kates and I look forward to more classes.” – Poetry Off the Page participant

“It is really great to write regularly and be in a purposeful space with others who are regularly writing. Reading other people’s work can help illuminate what works, what doesn’t.” -Long Form Fiction participant

“A general comment about the set up of this excellent class: Working as instructor-curator, Nick built a content-rich learning environment that was chock-full of varied and thought-provoking reading assignments . Nick’s instructional style allowed his “students” a chance to explore the content in a guided but more self-directed way so that each of them could discover how the content was meaningful to them (rather than, say, to the instructor). It was a great example of an inquiry-based learning environment. Great, great stuff!” -Fall Poetry Workshop (2013) participant

“The study of modernist poets from another culture both challenged and expanded my poetic views, and helped me understand where some of the poets of the so-called New York and Berkeley schools got their inspiration.” -Fall Poetry Workshop (2013) participant

“I felt very secure reading my stuff during classes, as everyone was really receptive to whatever people brought, only taking the conversation in the positive directions. It was great.” -Long Form Fiction participant

“The weekly exercises and in-class discussions, as well as the readings of published authors, were immensely helpful in giving me insight into how to create authentic seeming characters and the ways in which to construct plot–the two major things I was seeking.” -Short Story Workshop participant (winter 2013)

“I found the material of the other writers to be very stimulating to me in my own writing. Not because I wanted to do what they did, but it gave me more courage to try new things.” -Hybrid Writing participant

“Well, I came to the workshop with a goal; to come out of it with six new pieces, and that was accomplished. Even better, with some edits the first two were accepted by an editor at an online site I use frequently.” -Poetry & Wilderness/wildness participant

“I felt lucky to be a part of this class, we had a wonderful chemistry together, and we were all sad to see it end. I have found a place I want to return to.” -Hybrid Writing participant

“This was incredibly valuable as a means of connecting to a community of writers. I think we formed a tangible bond of trust and affection, not always the case even in a successful workshop.” -Hybrid Writing participant

“I loved Anna’s assignments: the prompts and the selected poems. So generative and so smart. We were asked to write using the objective correlative (something I had never heard of!); we learned “the turn”-a move that we saw in a Mark Doty poem; we wrote a poem using only one sentence (forgot the author that we read for this one, but loved the poem), we wrote dream poems.” -Poetry & Wilderness/wildness participant

“…[L]eadership of the discussion was very good and made the sessions a real educational experience.  What really sets the course apart and makes it the best I’ve taken are the detailed notes provided on individual poems.  This feedback, given [the instructor’s] knowledge of poetic craft, was invaluable.”  –Jim Cronin

“In working with Frequency over the last year, I’ve discovered two very important things: first, there is a writer lurking in most of us; and second, talented instruction comes from teachers who believe in sharing their passion for craft. Both instructors shared their talents without reservation and encouraged writers of every level to pursue the potential and the art in writing… For me, the best evidence of success in workshops are the people who find and work with each other. Frequency has developed a community for writers to belong together and learn why the nature of writing makes us become what is possible.” –Al Anderson