Summer Courses + Events

Summer 2015 Offerings

Workshops in poetry, prose, and publishing for adults and teens:

Digging for Gold: Mining Your Obsessions and Writing Linked Poems: A four week poetry workshop

Students will identify preoccupations, indulge a persistent, irrational fixation, or confront an intimidating ‘project’ and make it approachable by degrees. We will exhaustively and ridiculously re-write from a variety of angles, assuming some failure will occur. Emphasis will be less on critique and more on generating and organizing a sequence with both lyric and narrative elements. Course texts may include Maggie Nelson’s Bluets, Larry Levis’ “Linnets,” Anne Carson’s ‘Town’ poems, sonnets by Ellen Bryant Voigt, October by Louise Gluck.

INSTRUCTOR: Rosalynde Vas Dias
DATES: Saturdays, June 6-June 27, 2015
TIME: 1:00pm-3:30pm
WHERE: 186 Carpenter Street
Tuition: $160
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Everybody’s Autobiography: A six-week prose workshop

During our six weeks together, we will engage in a rather unconventional exploration of what it means to write about a life, whether someone else’s or one’s own. We will read a number of biographical and autobiographical texts that play with questions of form and objectivity. And using “real” materials drawn from someone’s life—be it letters, journals, interview responses, voice recordings, etc.—we will write our own, which later we will workshop during class. A willingness to engage closely with assigned readings and to experiment when working on one’s own is expected. We should be ready to take risks, ready to put in the necessary work, and ready to enjoy the process. The making of a life can be a joy!

INSTRUCTORS: Victor Wildman
DATES: Wednesdays, June 17-July 22nd.
TIME: 6:30pm-9pm
WHERE: 186 Carpenter Street
Tuition: $250.00
**THIS COURSE IS NOW FULL. Please email us at if you’d like your name added to the waitlist.**

Found Poetics: A six-week poetics workshop

Found Poetics, or Appropriation as Textual Intimacy explores writing through varied utilization and use of found texts and practice; flarf poetics, erasure, lifting, omitting, centos and cut-ups. During this class, students will explore new methods of reading and writing poetry in a muse state thus culled. The class will be encouraged to upcycle vintage books, found texts and other ephemera to create new poems alongside weekly prompts that will explore new forms. Students are encouraged to purchase a used book from Ada Books with which they will creatively omit, erase or cut-up in poetic exercise and craft. The instructor will supply additional texts, in the form of emailed PDFs and paper copies.

INSTRUCTOR: Susana Gardner
DATES: Thursdays, July 16-August 20, 2015
TIME: 6:30-9pm
WHERE: 186 Carpenter Street
Tuition: Sliding scale: $160, $200, $240, $280
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A month-long workshop for teens: Part 1: A New Spelling of My Name and Part 2: Invisible Cities

Part 1: A New Spelling of My Name

Who gave us our names? How does society define us? How do we begin to name and define ourselves? Part 1 of this course leads participants through a series of prompts, games, and exercises centered around identity, selfhood, and power. We’ll rant and rave, question and critique, experiment and play.

Part 2: Invisible Cities

What if you were in charge of everything in the world? In this portion of the class, you’ll design a society, community or culture and write a story about it or a plan for building it. We’ll also read about and discuss deliberately constructed societies, both fictional ones and ones that people have really tried to make and live in–some science fiction, some proposals, some real-life documents. What do societies or communities need in order to function? To function well? What can we learn about our own world by inventing others, and by looking at worlds that other people have invented and tried to build? The class will include some full-group and small-group discussions and activities to think about the reading, develop your design for “your” society, and help you write your story or plan.

INSTRUCTORS: Franny Choi (weeks 1&2) and Kate Schapira (weeks 3&4)
DATES: Tuesdays and Thursdays, July 28th-August 20th.
TIME: 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
WHERE: 186 Carpenter Street
Tuition: FREE.
Please register ahead of time, space is limited.

Sunday Morning Free Write

Come write and make art with us. A few writing prompts will be offered for those who want them, otherwise this is simply an opportunity to gather and create. There is no registration, fee, or critique, just the soft sounds of scribbling and tapping keys.

HOST: Sarah Tourjee, Katie Brunero, Rosalynde Das Dias
TIME: 10:00am-12:00pm
DATE: Sundays– Please check our FB or Twitter page to make sure Sundays are on– we may take some breaks in July!
LOCATION: 186 Carpenter Street
Free!   No registration required

Submitting: Navigating the Search for the Right Literary Agent and Publisher

This is a course for writers who have completed a book manuscript and are wondering, “What next?” It will give you the tools to compile a list of appropriate literary agents to target for submission, compose a submission package to give your work the best chance of success, understand the book publishing process, and build a productive relationship with your eventual agent and publisher. Participants should come away from this seminar with fresh knowledge and confidence as they embark upon the tough, time-consuming, and often solitary process of finding the right literary agent and envisioning their work as a finished product in the wider world.

INSTRUCTOR: Stephanie Gorton Murphy
DATE: Saturday, August 29th
TIME: 10 am – 2 pm
WHERE: 186 Carpenter Street
Tuition: $50
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6 thoughts on “Summer Courses + Events

  1. My daughter, age 13, loves to write fictional stories. I am trying to connect her with a writer’s class or club or whatever. Do you know of anything in RI for teens?

  2. That is a great question. AS220 offers youth classes. I know they host the Providence Poetry Youth team, which comes highly recommended, but they may have other classes available. For fiction, you may want to contact local libraries, news papers, and New Urban Arts. Providence City Arts for Youth also has intermittent information about upcoming writing classes. Hope this helps!

  3. A follow-up question, please. I am writing with regard to the Fiction studio in December….my daughter is nearly 18. Would this be appropriate for her to join? Thanks!

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