Speak: Celebrating Women and Trans Writers of Poetry

ed33925d7b7c9b4636f644c4177435141636741Join us on September 13th at Symposium Books in downtown Providence for a special reading celebrating female and trans voices in writing. Featuring local poets Katherine Murphy, Rebecca Willner, Serena Putterman and others–all of whom will be sharing from their latest works! 

Saturday, Sept 13
6 pm
Symposium Books ( downtown )
240 Westminster St Providence 
It would be lovely to see you!

Look out!

Yes No Goodbye

Want to get in touch with a bizarre, uncharted area of your brain? 

Check out this event offering “film with live soundtracks, gross poetry, strange banter, and ambient madness,” hosted by Eric Paul, author of “I Offered Myself As the Sea,” “Love in the Monkey Cage,” and “My Parents Were Insects,” to name a few.

All goes down Providence’s Columbus Theater, Tuesday September 23 and 8pm. 

Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/523545351123328/


Sunday Mornings Free Write

Read at all costs.  Sourced from Bookshelves.tumbler.com

Read at all costs.
Sourced from Bookshelves.tumbler.com

Looking for a quite, sunny space to lay a few words down?

Come write with us! 

Starting September 21, Sundays 10am-12pm, 186 Carpenter Street in Providence will be opening its doors to any and all writers. A few writing prompts will be offered for those who want them, otherwise this is simply an opportunity to gather and create. There is no registration, fee, or critique, just the soft sounds of scribbling and tapping keys.