Frequency is Hosting a Fiction Craft Session!

It’s Time To Write

Making Fiction: a craft studio

This class will explore nontraditional approaches to writing fiction. During the first part of the day, we will discuss craft through the work of writers including John Cage, WG Sebald, and Matthew Goulish. We will also examine some unusual journals, such as one documenting, with illustrations, the writer’s favorite kinds of light. We will look to other forms–such as the lecture, the catalog, the formula, the homage–and practice turning these forms into containers for fiction. Before taking a short break for lunch, we will watch several brief videos by physicist Richard Feynman illustrating the importance of curiosity and investigation to any creative endeavor. During the second part of the day, we will generate new writing through several short writing exercises. Besides creating new work, one of the goals of this studio is to emphasize that fiction can take an endless variety of forms.

This one-day studio is geared towards drafting new work and finding new ways to approach your craft. The pieces you’ll be drafting will be about, or inspired by, readings and prompts the instructor will share.
Instructor: Evelyn Hampton
Dec. 6, 10:30am-2:30pm
Location: 186 Carpenter Street Providence RI 02903
$25-$50, sliding scale

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Write! ( of Spring )

Why Hello There!

Spring has sprung!  Spring is a time for renewal.  For everything in bloom.

In the spirit of that, why not revive your creativity and celebrate your own expression blossoming with the help of one of our classes!

Check out our offered workshops and studios to help your writing grow; to shake things up after hibernation, to work on your craft, to challenge your writing, to try something new and to meet a great community of writers like you!

Also, we had a wonderful open mic in March, thank you to everyone involved!  That night, we also debuted Frequency’s first Anthology!  Send us an email if you are interested in getting your very own copy at a suggested $5 donation.

Be on the look out for upcoming Frequency events!


POETRY AND THE SACRED will consider a number of poetic efforts to map out the terrain between the ordinary, the everyday, and the sacred.  We will read poems that are more direct or perhaps traditional in this thinking—as in poems that make use of Christian exegesis or midrash in the rabbinic tradition or Sufi poems that address the beloved as both the loved other and as God—and poems that are less transparent, or more secular.  We will explore the work of poets who negotiate the space between the real before us now—the grass, the dirt, the bedrock—and imagination, poets who take up elemental human questions and human longing.  We will read closely, too, for craft, for how a poet makes use of image and form, music and story, to deepen our considerations.  And, we will keep as a kind of touchstone Keats’s idea of “negative capability”—to be able to be in an uncertainty or mystery without what he called “irritable” reaching after fact or reason—that this kind of engagement with belief has also at its heart the unknown, the uncertain, the contradictory, even doubt, disbelief. Instructor: Anna Catone

About Frequency Studios:

  • All of our studios are geared towards drafting new work.
  • The pieces you’ll be drafting will be about, or inspired by, select readings that the instructor will share with you.
  • The studios are open to anyone who writes, or who wants to begin writing. (In the past, we’ve had a range– newbies to post-MFA).
  • Come ready to read and discuss a little bit, and to write a lot.

WHEN: Saturday, February 4, 10 am – 2 pm
WHERE: 73 Harrison Street, Providence, RI