By popular demand, Frequency now offers manuscript consultations for writers of all backgrounds. Whether you’re a seasoned poet looking for a unique take on your work or an amateur novelist seeking inspiration and confidence in your writing, Frequency can help you polish your work with nuanced feedback and personalized advice.

Our consultation program handles many projects, from experimental poetry to screenwriting. Below you will find a list of our talented consultants, the work they have done, and the sorts of projects they are ready to take on. Reach out and contact us about your project, and we can develop a personalized approach tailored to your work!

Please note: this is a fee-based offering with special rates negotiated for the Frequency community. The hourly rate is $60/hour, though the rate may vary by services sought. We recommend discussing your options with each consultant. Contact us at




Victor H. Wildman can offer his services as a writing coach and editor of finished and unfinished texts. He works with writers to help them move forward with their projects when they can’t seem to get the writing done or to find a direction. As an editor and writing consultant, Wildman can help with line-by-line edits and projects ranging from memoirs to literary fiction. His work has appeared in The Encyclopedia and he was the recipient of the 2007 John Hawkes Prize for Fiction. He holds an advanced degree in philosophy from the University of Miami, along with an MFA from Brown University. He has taught writing at Brown University, Bryant University and Providence College. Wildman also runs private creative writing workshops geared toward helping people develop longer projects.

Darcie Dennigan will work with poets seeking to develop a handful of poems or an entire manuscript. She can make line edits, develop a proper order for poems in a collection, and provide a page of typed feedback on the overall work. Dennigan is the author of Corinna A-Maying the Apocalypse Madame X, and The Dept. of Ephebic Dreamery. She is currently a poet in residence at the University of Connecticut, and has taught writing at Brown Continuing Studies, Holy Cross, and elsewhere.

Susana Gardner is comfortable copy editing and critiquing poetry manuscripts. She has extensive experience with various forms of poetry, pushing the boundaries with her uniquely creative style. As an editor of the online poetics journal Dusie, Gardner has experience with the experimental techniques of modern poetry. The author of three full-length poetry collections, HERSO, [LAPSED INSEL WEARY], and CADDISH, Gardner has also published several chapbooks, including Hyper-Phantasie Constructs. Her work has appeared online and in print, through Jacket, How2, Puerto Del Sol, and Cambridge Literary Review.