Look Out!

On October 24 Sara Tourjee will be hosting an incredible line up of artist performers generously joining together to make your brains explode. Performers include her sister, Diana Tourjee, and friends, Ren Evans, Casey Llewellyn, Catherine Siller, and Vincent Brewer.
We hope you will be there too. Bring your artists, bring your friends!
The details:

literary lunchtimes in downtown Prov

Next week, head down to the RISD Museum at lunchtime (12 – 1 pm in the Contemporary Art Gallery) to hear writers read in the series Choose Your Words: Poetry & Prose.

The series is curated by Frequency instructor Kate Schapira.

tumblr_inline_mn2ehoeOGO1qz4rgpOn Aug 14th, Frequency instructor Tina Cane is reading!

Schedule for the rest of the week:

8/13: Serena Putterman
I will be telling stories and so will my puppets.

8/15: Kate Colby
I will read my long poem of cumulative qualifying statements called “I Mean.”

8/16: Andrew Colarusso
Andrew E. Colarusso will be reading from “American Mikhtams”. A series of New World Psalms that explore the intersectionalities of the right to bear arms, the right to wear strap-ons, violence in the classroom, mass exodus and how it is possible to love in the midst of it all.

8/17: Joanna/Joanna: Joanna Howard with Joanna Ruocco
Joanna Howard and Joanna Ruocco will read from our collaborative hybrid text entitled “Field Text.”

8/18: Danielle Vogel
A Library of Light: Poet and book artist Danielle Vogel will project a series of short, incantatory films, which explore the relationship between syntax and topologies of light and sound.

Monday morning

“If it should ever suit your convenience and inclination, to shew me the face of the man or woman who has written so charmingly, it will be a very memorable occasion to me.” -Charles Dickens in a fan letter to George Eliot. From “10 Illuminating Fan Letters from Famous Authors, To Famous Authors“.

“Fail at everything else if you must, but make something.” -author Christine Schutt in a recent interview.


Amelia Gray asked a number of fiction writers to respond to a work of art (above) by Vincent Martinez. The results are here.

“What language does for me, what the project of poetry is for me, is to enliven language. To animate it so that you’re in the presence of something living rather than caught up in words and what they’re supposed to mean and what they’re supposed to do and how they’re supposed to be.” -Megan McShea, “The Accidental Artist“.

Come to AS220 on Tuesday evening for a Couscous reading featuring seven local writers, including Frequency poet Kik Williams!

Frequency co-pilot Evelyn Hampton will host a writing on Friday (3/29) at The Fertile Underground Grocery (1577 Westminster St.) from 6-8:30pm. Mary-Kim Arnold, Mark Baumer, Laura Brown-Lavoie, Tina Cane, Darcie Dennigan, David Emanuel, Wendy Lawton, Casey Llewellyn, Serena Putterman & Kate Schapira will read to grocery shoppers.

Monday morning list



These photos of Detroit capture scenes worth writing about.

Photos of sheds where some famous writers did their tinkering.

The art of the lecture in “Is the Lecture Dead?

The Business of Tracking Lit Mag Submissions

On Impermanence and Guarantees“, an essay by Lily Hoang

Writing is Live, a festival of new plays” happening now in Providence!

Next Saturday, the Publicly Complex reading series hosts poets Rachel Levitsky and Michael Tod Edgerton at Ada Books.

“I am currently 14 hrs 04 mins 25 secs of light-travel time from Earth.” –NASAVoyager2’s Twitter feed

Literary Death Match

You guys may have heard of Literary Death Match. If you’re smelling blood every time you open a copy of The Round, that’s just because LDM is coming to Providence– in less than a week!

As is tradition in LDM, each writer competes on behalf of a literary entity, and Darcie Dennigan is competing on behalf of FREQUENCY. If you want to hear the awesomeness of the other competitors (including MARVELOUS poet/reader Mairead Byrne) and cheer on Darcie, who will be nauseous with fear until well after the event but promises to pretend she’s not, we’d be so happy to see you there!

October 16, 2012

Rhode Island, here we come! An event nearly seven years in the make, Literary Death Match descends on The Creative Capital (and more specifically Empire Black Box) to make Providence our 46th city with a whimsy-filled night of literature, libation and laughs. Not to be missed!

The night’s brilliant foursome of authors — who will read their own work for seven minutes or less — includesPerformance Thanatology founding director Ric Royer (author of Anthesteria), Big Other managing editor John Madera, Poets Out Loud prize winner Darcie Dennigan (author of Madame X (2012) and Corinna A-Maying the Apocalypse (2008) and Irish poetess Mairéad Byrne!

They’ll do their best before a trio of all-star arbiters, including the fantastic screenwriter Joe Birbiglia (Sleepwalk with Me), Boston-based stand-up comedian Gary Petersen, and poet Gillian Kiley (author of Keyhole 6)!

Hosted by LDM creator Adrian Todd Zuniga. Produced by Kirsten Sims.

Where: Empire Black Box, 95 Empire Street, Providence (map)