A Poem-Gift For You!


Anne Carson’s
Holderlin Town

You are mad to mourn alone.
With the wells gone dry.
Starlight lying at the bottom.
Like a piece of sound.
You are stranded.
Props hurtle past you.
One last thing you may believe.
Before the lights go out is.
That the mourning is at fault.
Then the sin of wishing to die.
Collapses behind you like a lung.
The night itself.


Weaver Library Book Sale

On April 11th and 12th, the Friends of the East Providence Public Library will be holding a book sale from 9 am to 5 pm. Admission is free, thousands of books will be available for prices as low as one dollar, and all proceeds go to the East Providence Public Library! It is a great way to give back to the reading and writing community, and find some one of a kind books. For more information, check out the library website or the post in Providence online.


Static with Ecstasy


SPRING! The snow has run its course, and things buried have been unveiled.  You know what that means?

TIME TO PUBLISH. If you feel moved to share your work, now is a good time to send it out. Many Literary magazine close their doors for the summer, so deadlines are in sight. You’ve had the whole winter to polish, scrub, scourge, gouge, rebuilt, tweak, and complete. Why not send some things off and give the world a chance to appreciate your cold-weather fruits?