Announcing Frequency’s Fall Classes!

Upcoming courses in fiction writing, poetry, horror writing, the publishing process, and more. Register today!

Want to learn more about Frequency? Drop by our Open House on Friday, September 4th at 186 Carpenter St. from 6-8 pm. Meet our instructors and mingle with other writers in the Frequency community.


Submitting: Navigating the Search for the Right Literary Agent and Publisher

This is a course for writers who have completed a book manuscript and are wondering, “What next?” It will give you the tools to compile a list of appropriate literary agents to target for submission, compose a submission package to give your work the best chance of success, understand the book publishing process, and build a productive relationship with your eventual agent and publisher. Participants should come away from this seminar with fresh knowledge and confidence as they embark upon the tough, time-consuming, and often solitary process of finding the right literary agent and envisioning their work as a finished product in the wider world.

INSTRUCTOR: Stephanie Gorton Murphy
DATE: Saturday, August 29th
TIME: 10 am – 2 pm
WHERE: 186 Carpenter Street
Tuition: $50
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Short Stories

A fiction workshop with Sarah Tourjee, aimed at helping writers use their experiences, conversations, and memories to enlarge their work through short pieces of fiction.

Wednesdays, Sep 16–Nov 4, 7-9:30pm.


Radical Forms of Kindness

 A workshop with Darcie Dennigan. Create a kinship with minor beings and feelings, as well as with minor, messy, and “unsuccessful” poetic forms.

Sundays, Oct 4 – Nov 8, 1:30-4:00pm.

Imagined Audiences

A one-day studio with Stephanie Ford. Invent & invite a new species of reader for your poems.

Saturday, October 3, 10am-2:30pm.

Courses for writers of all genres

Voices from Beyond

A taxonomy of horror with Janaya Kizzie. Explore artifacts and manuscripts and write while “possessed” by the voices you encounter.

Saturday, Oct 31, 10am-2:30pm

Meditative Art Making

Work with Sarah Tourjee to bring your creative practices to the present moment and to engage that moment directly through text.

Thursdays Oct 22–Dec 3, 7-9:30pm

Summer reading recs from local authors; or, Who is Mark Baumer?

Welcome to the second installment of our summer reading recs from local writers. This time, fiction writer Mark Baumer has three reading experiences to recommend to you.

We're not sure if this is Mark Baumer.

We’re not sure if this is Mark Baumer.


Mark Baumer once taught a class on mathematics at Hudson City Community College, but his formulas were so abstract that no students signed up for the class. To make up for the emptiness in the classroom, Mark drew human shapes on a brick wall and stood three inches from the brick wall while he gave his lectures. A few of his lectures have been archived at:


from Mark:

  • My favorite “novel” ever is one that I actually read yesterday. It is called “The Survivors”. I’m not sure who it’s by, but from what I can tell a bunch of children wrote it. One of the children is named “Bear Paradise.” Some people might not believe me when I say it’s the greatest novel ever written, but it is…so there’s nothing to not believe. Here is the opening paragraph: “At11:30am, central standard time something happened. It’s not clear what it really was. The human world just kind of ended. No one floated away or acted crazy with signs about the end. No one even died. Not immediately. They all just fell asleep. Like millions of bears in winter. Except that it was summer…” From there it went to glowing purple bears to farting trees and smoking peaches.


  • The third greatest book ever written is “Ghost” by Sarah Tourjee. This book is like a beautiful, high-powered racing horse that never dies because after its racing career ends it begins a secondary career as an economic consultant on a spaceship orbiting a distant planet thousands of years after earth melted. ***
vision quest

  • If I was only allowed to read one book the rest of my life I would probably read “Vision Quest” by Terry Davis because it is the only book I’ve read that was better than the movie version while also existing in a world where the movie version was also better than the book version. The movie and book versions of Vision Quest both exist in equal parallel universes of greatness in my own brain. 

Thanks, Mark!

***Note– we did not pay Mark to recommend Sarah Tourjee’s book. It just so happens that Frequency has the author of “the third greatest book ever written” teaching a class for us this summer. Coincidence.



Three lit events this Thursday!

Providence has lots going on in the literary world this Thursday.

Unknown-1At Books on the Square, Amy Brill will read from her first novel, The Movement of Stars.





Frequency’s workshop, Genre-Defying Prose, starts at the wonderful Ada Books.


And over at the Providence Public Library, it’s a literary Gala– info below:

New England Poetry & Art Gala


Providence Public Library Grand Hall, Providence, RI

Please join us for a special evening of Poetry, Paintings & Music, on Thursday, June 6, at 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM in the Library’s newly renovated Grand Hall and Ship Room.  Meet and be inspired by the poetry of Fred Marchant, Stephen Dobyns, Rick Benjamin, Wendy Mnookin, Richard Hoffman, Alan Feldman, Alice B. Fogel, Jennifer Militello, Vivian Shipley, and others!  A buffet and refreshments will be served. Doors open at 5 PM for registration, appetizers and art exhibits.

Featuring Guest Poets from throughout New England, the Gala celebrates the contributors of The Loft Anthology: New England Poetry and Art.  Winners of the 2013 Loft Prize for Poetry, judged by nationally acclaimed poet Denise Duhamel, will be announced live at the Gala.

Tickets: $15 by June 1. To reserve seats, please send a check with names and emails of attendees to:  The Poetry Loft, PO Box 8235, Cranston, RI 02920.  A confirmation will be sent to you with program details and additional information.

We welcome your questions at