Looking for a Way to Push Your Writing Further?

If you want to revive old writing, discover new methods and craft techniques, find a welcoming community, or simply write more . . . 21629483ffe99224afe7b68ce156b4e9 Frequency’s courses do strange, wonderful things. Classes offer in-depth, expert critique. They generate new work.  And they expose members to new forms of writing and art. Plus they are filled with lovely, amazing writers of all skill levels and backgrounds.


Writing the Root!

Writing the Root: A one day studio course

Winter is the time to write inward rather than outward, to draw on what we’ve already gathered, to keep warm and close to home and dream. In this one-day workshop, we’ll work on writing that divines what sustains us through dark times; through poetry and prose exercises, both intuitive and formal, and some visualizations and tactile exercises, we’ll identify our resources and storehouses, our shelters and our warm cores. For shivering writers in any genre; poets should be prepared to try a little prose, and vice versa.

INSTRUCTOR: Kate Schapira
DATE: Sunday, February 8, 2015
TIME: 10am-2pm
WHERE: 186 Carpenter Street
Tuition: Sliding scale $25-$55
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Sign up for Our One Day MAKING FICTION Craft Session

A notebook is “this strange place where the unwritten thrives because of the written,” writes anthropologist Michael Taussig. “The notebook is actually an extension of oneself, if not more than oneself, like an entirely new organ alongside one’s heart and brain. … What this new organ does is incorporate other worlds into one’s own.” Making Fiction is a chance to spend a day exploring different ways of tracking daily experience (the notebook, the journal, the fieldworker’s diary, the sketchbook, the lost notebook, the collection, the archive, the catalog…) and incorporating new material into the worlds we’re creating. We’ll look at notebooks and note-taking techniques of artists like Le Corbusier, Tavi Gevinson, and Joan Didion. Anyone interested in observing and investigating experience is welcome — this class is not exclusively for writers.


Instructor: Evelyn Hampton
This class is full, but keep a look out for upcoming Frequency classes.

We’re part of the Providence “Geekery”

…and proud of it! Thanks, Molly Lederer, for the shout out in the Providence Monthly!

The Other Providence Club Scene

From chess to art, from beards to geekery, local clubs and gatherings offer a different kind of night out

Molly Lederer
For the creative writer, Frequency is a community arts organization that offers rigorous, experiential workshops, holds readings and talks, and helps local writers and readers to connect. Co-director Darcie Dennigan notes, “It’s pretty exciting to look around the table and see how many terrific, interesting, diverse writers there are in southeastern New England. I’m constantly impressed by the writers in our workshops, both seasoned or published ones and complete greenhorns.”Frequency also hosts free “writers’ parties” every few months, where guests read their work aloud in a casual, open mic setting – and clink a few wine glasses in the process. Dennigan, an accomplished author herself, recalls that both she and her co-director Evelyn Hampton benefited from being part of different writing communities when they began writing. They hope for Frequency to serve that purpose for RI writers, even encouraging them to form spin-off writing groups of their own.http://www.providenceonline.com/stories/Providence-meetups-clubs-gatherings-Providence-Monthly,9684