New Frequency Writing Courses!!!!

What are you going to do with all that sun?


Plant something with potential: hang with friends and fellow artists in a rad writing class! We have some excellent courses in the works. Sarah Tourjee be announcing them soon so stay tuned!

Searching for an Excuse

to steal a few hours for writing?


Right now! Sunday April 12th, Frequency’s Free Write, from 10am – noonish. Warm, quiet, filled with productive vibes and couched in sunlight.  186 Carpenter, the next best thing to a field.

A Poem-Gift For You!


Anne Carson’s
Holderlin Town

You are mad to mourn alone.
With the wells gone dry.
Starlight lying at the bottom.
Like a piece of sound.
You are stranded.
Props hurtle past you.
One last thing you may believe.
Before the lights go out is.
That the mourning is at fault.
Then the sin of wishing to die.
Collapses behind you like a lung.
The night itself.


Writing Exercise

The Card Original Designs Inspired by Fornasetti by TheMadPlatters

The Card Original Designs Inspired by Fornasetti by TheMadPlatters

1) Think back to a person who helped you — that you were never able to thank.

2) In your story or pome, cast that person as the villain (omitting backstory or explanation for their “negative” actions).

3) Recall a person who harmed you, and never received their just punishment.

4) Cast that person as the hero or sympathetic protagonist.

5) Here’s the hard part. We know change, or the potential for change, must occur for there to be a sense of movement, purpose or meaning in our writing. Throughout your short piece, give these two characters the chance for change, but conclude with each remaining essentially positive or negative. Can you do it?